Photo: TCR Australia

Jude Bargwanna makes TCR Australia debut at Phillip Island

Jude Bargwanna is going to make his TCR Australia debut in the coming round at Phillip Island in a family-run team.

“I’m stoked to go racing, I haven’t raced a car since November last year,” said Bargwanna.

“To get the opportunity to jump in one of these TCR cars, I’m super thankful. It’s been real last minute; the deal was put together just a week ago. We’re here with two car trailers and just Dad and myself running the car at the moment.”

The 19-year-old, who is cousin to Ben Bargwanna, is going to drive an Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR and has confirmed intent to complete the remaining part of the season.

“We’ll run our own show here at Jude Bargwanna Motorsport, I’ve called up a few school mates to come in and help us next week at Phillip Island. It’s real exciting, to be running our own thing, and something I’ve been looking forward to,” said Bargwanna.

“I watched the last race in Tassie and got on the phone to Barry pretty much the next day, and we had a chat about leasing a car. I know TCR is a great formula and I’ve been following it for a while with Ben in the category, I’ve also worked with GRM at the racetrack on these cars a few times as well.

“I have had some good results at Phillip Island in Formula Ford and other categories, it’s a special place in Australian motorsport and one of the best circuits in the category. At this stage we don’t have a lot of expectations, it’s going to be very new coming off what I’ve driven previously.

“I’m just looking forward to getting in the car, and we’ll take it round by round.”

Bargwanna drove the Alfa Romeo for the first time during a test at Phillip Island earlier this week.