Robert Dahlgren claims first win of electric STCC era in Gothenburg opener

Robert Dahlgren claimed the first victory of the new electric STCC era during the Gothenburg season opener where he beat Jimmy Eriksson in the final which was held under pouring rain.

The PWR Racing driver won the first out of three heats in the final in dominant fashion, setting a total time which was close to 1.6 seconds faster than Brink Motorsport’s Eriksson after four laps.

Eriksson (Tesla) tried his best to fight back in the second part of the final, but Dahlgren (Cupra) managed to prevail by just 59 thousands of a second to claim the victory and 25 championship points.

Eriksson met Volkswagen driver Ola Nilsson in the first semifinal which the Tesla driver won in style.

Dahlgren met Brink Motorsport’s Mikael Karlsson (Tesla) in the second semifinal, with Dahlgren taking a commanding win.

The first quarterfinal saw Nilsson beating 2022 junior champion Axel Bengtsson, who made a mistake and touched the barriers, selecting to abort his lap and head into the pits with minor damage.

The second quarterfinal saw Eriksson beating Cupra driver Anton Marklund, while Dahlgren beat Exion Racing BMW driver Calle Bergman in the third quarterfinal.

The fourth quarterfinal was an all-Brink Motorsport affair, with Karlsson beating team co-owner Tobias Brink.

The STCC field returns to the track for another run from testing to qualifying and all the way to the final on Sunday.