Photo: FIA TCR World Tour

Post-race penalties for Santiago Urrutia, Marco Butti and Thed Björk

Santiago Urrutia, Marco Butti and Thed Björk have received post-race penalties following the frantic action in the second FIA TCR World Tour race at Mid-Ohio.

Urrutia received the most severe penalty of the three, being disqualified from qualifying and both races, as well as being handed six penalty points for hitting Esteban Guerrieri on the slow-down lap of Race 2.

The reasoning from the stewards read:

“The Stewards after having examined video footages and discussed the matter extensively determine that the driver of car 112 is responsible for the collision with car 186. After chequered flag was given the car 112 overtook multiple cars without reducing his speed and slowed down approaching Car 186 and caused an intentional collision with Car 186. The Driver of Car 112 recognized his responsibility and his intention and apologized to driver of Car 186. For that reason the Stewards considered the Driver of Car 112 responsible for that manoeuvre, so the Steward decide that the above penalty of is appropriate.”

GOAT Racing driver Marco Butti was handed a five-second penalty for his contact with Urrutia in the second race, but he keeps tenth place following Urrutia’s exclusion.

Urrutia’s Cyan Racing team-mate Thed Björk was also handed a five-second penalty, in this case for his contact with Butti while fighting for the lead in the second race.

The penalty strips the Swede of his podium finish, dropping him from third to sixth place, handing Guerrieri the final podium position.