Romeo Ferraris continues Alfa Romeo TCR testing

Romeo Ferraris continues their testing programme of the TCR specification Alfa Romeo Giulietta at Valencia in Spain with Italian driver Michela Cerruti.

“This was our first test on a long track and we were pleased to see that everything worked,” said Cerruti.

”The Giulietta has a very good base to work from, but clearly there is room for improvement, especially with regard to its behaviour in cornering. We would have liked to have had more time for testing and development, but that is true for everybody! Still, it’s good to see that we did not have any major hiccups and we are confident for the kick-off in Bahrain.”

The main focus has been on finding a base setup and improving the overall balance of the new car, a test leaving team principal Mario Ferraris pleased.

“We can be satisfied. On both days the car proved to be reliable and we were able to focus on the set up and balance. Our work resulted in very positive response in terms of performance. We still have more work to do, but the potential looks good,” said Ferraris.