Teamwork Motorsport enter three Volkswagens for TCR China

Teamwork Motorsport has entered three Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR race cars for TCR China for a total of six drivers.

Paul Poon, a six-time Macau GP CTM winner, will share car with Alexi Hui who has raced in the CTCC for the team previously.

Sunny Wong, also a former CTCC driver, will pair up with Alex Fung who finished as runner-up in his debut in the CTM Cup at Macau.

The third and final entry will be shared by Samuel Hsieh, winner of the 2014 Macau GP China Racing Cup, and Felipe Souza who has raced in Macau for many years and drove in the TCR Asia last year.

The TCR China series feature three races per weekend, two sprint races with single drivers and a final one-hour race with mandatory pit stops for drivers to share cars.