Photo: TCR Media

Tecnodom Sport officially unveil the Fiat Tipo TCR

Italian racing team Tecnodom Sport have launched the brand new Fiat Tipo TCR, in preparation for initial competition in the TCR Italy Touring Car Championship.

The car has been in development for the past year, and early signs of it were seen at the start of the year when it was captured testing at the Adria Raceway.

The Tipo TCR carries the same Sadev sequential gearbox as the Honda Civic TCR and Volkswagen Group cars, and also runs the same 1.75 litre turbocharged engine as Romeo Ferraris’ Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR.

The TCR technical department have now been engaged to formalise the car’s homologation, with the car set to be given provisional homologation for competition in the TCR Italy series.

“We are very proud of it,” said driver and tester Kevin Giacon. “It is very well built and has a lot of potential. We are currently making tests with different type of tyres, because our plan is to sell the car to teams that race in the different TCR series. We are already building two other cars and have received requests from Turkey and South America.”

Tecnodom Sport’s principal Domiziano Giacon added: “We want to organise and event at Adria and invite the teams to discover and test the Tipo.”