New race format confirmed as STCC launches Helsingborg city race

The STCC is back in a city environment again, having previously raced at the Stockholm Solvalla trotting track and in central Gothenburg.

The STCC organisation presented a three-year agreement with the city of Helsingborg today to run a street race in the central harbour. In addition, the race will be decided in a new head-to-head format.

“It is important to race in cities again,” said Micke Bern, Managing Director of STCC to TouringCarTimes.

“We clearly see that the interest of racing is growing with the help of Formula 1 and other championships, and with a central street race we broaden the target group and reach people who might not have seen STCC otherwise. It is also an opportunity to reach the younger generation and get them interested in racing.”

One of the condition that has made it possible to take the championship back onto the city street has been the electrification of STCC for 2023.

“This is one of the most clear cut investments Helsingborg have made in recent years. STCC is one of the leading figures in the Swedish event industry, and when they embark on this exciting electrification journey, it becomes even more attractive to us as a city,” said Henrik Gidlund, Head of Event at Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau.

“For the city of Helsingborg, this is completely right from a sustainability perspective. Then we also have the more traditional reasons why we take on this event, for example the big STCC crowd and that we expect a lot of exposure and a positive impact on the tourist economy to the city.”

The Helsingborg race, held in the central harbour, will feature head-to-head heats with two cars at a time, with further details to be revealed. The remaining part of the calendar will race on regular circuits with a “normal” format.

“The head-to-head format will be exciting for the spectators, and that is the whole reason of this,” said Bern.

“The traditional racing will remain, but in the cities we will have a more extreme approach that will offer close racing. I think no one will be disappointed.”