WSC Group launches TCR World Tour as new global platform

WSC Group – the entity behind the TCR technical regulations – has announced the launch of a new ‘innovative platform’ for teams and drivers to run alongside its new World Ranking system.

The new TCR World Tour will be made up of nine events selected from various TCR-sanctioned series worldwide, ‘giving priority to the best racetracks and the most popular championships’.

Drivers competing in the World Tour will be awarded ranking points at a greater level than regular competitors in the various races, which are due to be staged on four continents.

The top 15 drivers in the World Tour standings at the end of the season then being invited to compete in the TCR World Ranking Final, which will be organised in co-operation with Discovery Sports Events within the four months following the end of the TCR World Tour.

The event will run over four days to a playoff format, with the 15 drivers from the TCR World Tour being joined by the leading 45 drivers from the TCR World Rankings.

Titles will be awarded to drivers, teams and manufacturers.

“We have had a fruitful co-operation with the FIA and Discovery Sports Events during the latest years and so we respect their decision,” WSC president Marcello Lotti said. “We are now ready to continue working together to provide for the future of touring car competition.

“Since the inception of the TCR concept, WSC has built a large community of competitors. On this basis we are confident that the TCR World Ranking through the TCR World Tour and the TCR World Ranking Final will give teams and drivers the opportunity to keep on competing at a global level.

“At the same time, this plan is set to strengthen the co-operation we have established with the promoters of the regional and national series. This co-operation will make it possible to step up the level of the events selected for the TCR World Tour in terms of visibility, media coverage and atmosphere, also giving the local drivers the opportunity to measure themselves against strong, international participation.

“It is also an opportunity for the manufacturers to establish closer relationships with their own racing customers and increase their loyalty towards the brand.”