Further details revealed on inaugural World Tour season

WSC has revealed further details on how the inaugural season for the new TCR World Tour will play out.

A maximum of 16 full-season entries will be accepted for the nine events that make up the schedule, with an entry deadline of 28 February in place. Additional entries on a race-by-race basis will be considered, but will compete in the local series that is hosting the event.

Qualifying will be a two-part affair at every event, with a 20 minute Q1 session for all drivers following by a ten minute session for the twelve fastest drivers from Q1. The exception will be the Asian finale, where the two sessions will run to 30 minutes and 15 minutes.

Events in Europe will run a pair of 55km races, with races in South America taking place over a period of 30 minutes plus one lap.

The opening race in Australia will feature three races of 30 minutes, with three 21 lap races at Bathurst. The Asian finale then features two 55km races.

Sporting regulations will be in line with the championship that the World Tour is competing alongside, although drivers will be subject to their own system of Compensation Weight separate to that of the event they are racing alongside.

Full-season TCR World Tour drivers will receive Compensation Weights based on the fastest qualifying lap times set in the previous event – range of 0-40kg in 10kg increments.

With Kumho named as control tyre provider, the KUMHO TCR WORLD CUP title will be handed out to the top driver and team after the nine events take place, with the top 15 drivers going forward to the TCR World Final, where they will be joined by the leading 15 drivers from the TCR World Rankings.

TCR Europe: Q1 (20 min.) + Q2 (10 min. / 12 fastest drivers)
TCR Italy: Q1 (20 min.) + Q2 (10 min. / 12 fastest drivers)
TCR South America: Q1 (20 min.) + Q2 (10 min. / 12 fastest drivers)
TCR Australia: Q1 (20 min.) + Q2 (10 min. / 12 fastest drivers)
TCR Asia Challenge: Q1 (30 min.) + Q2 (15 min. / 12 fastest drivers)

TCR Europe: 2 x 55 km
TCR Italy: 2 x 55 km
TCR South America: 2 x 30 min. + 1 lap
TCR Australia: 3 x 30 min.
TCR Australia, Bathurst: 3 x 21 laps
TCR Asia Challenge: 2 x 55 km

Qualifying final results: 1st/15 pts; 2nd/10 pts; 3rd/8 pts; 4th/6 pts; 5th/4 pts; 6th/2 pt

Races: 1st/30 pts; 2nd/25 pts; 3rd/22 pts; 4th/20 pts; 5th/18 pts; 6th/16 pts; 7th/14 pts; 8th/12 pts; 9th/10 pts; 10th/8 pts; 11th/6 pts; 12th/4 pts; 13th/3 pts; 14th/2 pts; 15th/1 pt