Champion Johan Kristoffersson labels “exhaust gate” unacceptable

Newly crowned STCC champion Johan Kristoffersson has labeled the recent ‘exhaust gate‘ as unacceptable.

“I feel that it is unacceptable that there is room for interpretation when it comes to the technical conditions,” said Kristoffersson to TT.

“It is obvious that it is too unclear for the teams to understand when even the STCC, Swedish Motorsport Federation (SBF), TCR and the disciplinary board can’t provide a straight answer.”

Rival team PWR Racing had their cars disqualified from the races at Gelleråsen Arena due to a exhaust configuration that was deemed illegal by the scrutineers on site after a protest from WestCoast Racing and MA:GP.

PWR Racing appealed and their results were reinstated, only for WestCoast Racing and MA:GP to appeal again, a process currently handled by the legal committee of the SBF and date of verdict currently unknown.

“The disciplinary board took more than three weeks to make a decision. It will be difficult for the spectators to understand who the winner is when you even have time to drive a race weekend before the previous race weekend even has been decided,” said Kristoffersson.

Kristoffersson’s title is not affected by the appeal but the positions behind him could be altered, most notably that a new junior champion (JTCC) would be crowned as PWR Racing’s Philip Morin would lose the title to Kristoffersson Motorsport driver Hugo Nerman.

“The poor thing is that they can’t have a more clear line on what is valid and what is not valid,” said Kristoffersson.