22-year-old Philip Morin announces retirement from racing

22-year-old Philip Morin, who claimed the 2018 STCC junior title for PWR Racing, has announced his retirement from racing.

“I really want to thank PWR for all the confidence they have put in me throughout these years and to all involved in the team for a great job weekend in and out,” said Morin.

“I was only able to represent one team during my relatively short time in the STCC and I am really proud that it was PWR Racing. It remains to be seen if there ever will be a comeback.”

The Swede states that he has lost motivation for racing and will instead focus on his job and other interests.

“I just don’t feel the same passion for it any more. While I have almost subconsciously tried to avoid thinking about it, it is something I have noticed with myself since a while back. I have job and other interests outside racing that has taken more and more attention and ambition from me that has made me reach a point where I have to choose,” said Morin.

Morin had a competitive but inconsistent 2018 STCC season where he finished fifth overall with one victory.

“Philip has been in my focus for a while back and he really impressed us when we got the opportunity to work with him at PWR Racing,” said driver and team co-owner Daniel Haglöf.

“That is why it is sad that he chose to stop racing, but I know that he will succeed no matter what he will do and I wish him the best of luck.”

PWR Racing has so far announced 2017 champion Robert Dahlgren for the 2019 STCC season.