Poll: Which is your favourite Super Touring car? Round 2

It’s time for the second round of our elimination poll of the Super Touring car fan favourite. The results are in from the first round with some surprising choices.

The first round pitted models from the same manufacturers against each other, with some exceptions:

The Alfa Romeo round saw the older 155 beating the 156 with 66% vs 32%.
The Audi round saw the newer A4 beating the 80 with 87% vs 13%.
The BMW round was close, with the older 318is beating the 320i with 54% vs 46%.
The Chrysler/Opel round saw the Astra conquering the Stratus with 63% vs 37%.
The Honda round saw the newer MK6 Accord beating the MK5 Accord with 67% vs 33%.
The Ford round saw a decisive victory for the Mondeo over the Sierra with 82% vs 18%.
The Mazda round saw the 323F beating the Xedos with 54% vs 46%.
The Nissan round saw the biggest margin of all with the Primera taking 97% vs 3% for the Sunny.
The Peugeot round had the 406 beating the 405 with 75% vs 25%.
The Renault round was also an easy choice for the voters, with the Laguna taking 94% vs 6% for the 19.
The Toyota round had the Carina beating the Camry with 67% vs 33%.
The Opel/Vauxhall round was sensationally close with the Vectra/Cavalier winning over the Vectra B with 6 votes.
The round between Volkswagen and Hyundai had the Vento getting 59% of the votes vs 41% for the Lantra.
The Volvo round had the 850 beating the S40 with 53% vs 47%.

Onto the next round and we have some difficult choices, pitting the winners of the first round against each other:

The winners of this round will go against each other in the next round on Saturday June 20th.