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Poll: Which is your favourite Super Touring car? Round 3

We have reached the third round of the elimination poll to find out which is the all-time Super Touring fan favourite. The results of the second round are in with some interesting results.

The first round had models from the same manufacturers pitted against each other, while the second round had the winners of the first round pitted against each other.

The Alfa Romeo 155 went up against the Audi A4, with the Italian car getting 56% of the votes.
The BMW 318is took a decisive win against the Opel Astra, receiving 81% of the votes.
The Ford Mondeo took a close win against the Honda Accord, receiving 56% of the votes.
The Nissan Primera claimed a big win against the Mazda 323F, getting 92% of the votes.
The Renault Laguna beat the Peugeot 407, getting 74% of the votes.
The Opel/Vauxhall Vectra/Cavalier won easily over the Toyota Carina, with 84% of the votes.
The biggest win of this round was claimed by the Volvo 850, getting 94% of the votes compared to just 6% for the Volkswagen Vento.

We are getting closer to the end of the elimination poll with just eight cars left.

We have added an oddball in the form of the Honda Civic Super Touring that mainly raced in Japan during the nineties, going up against the Volvo 850 in round three.

The winners of this round will be pitted against each other in the penultimate round on Saturday June 27th.