Support TouringCarTimes via Patreon

We have just launched a Patreon page for TouringCarTimes, providing a voluntary option for readers to support our work in providing the fastest and most comprehensive touring car news online.

This does not mean that we are going to make any material exclusive, or locked behind a paywall.

All content will be available for free, as it has been since the start of TouringCarTimes in 1995, and this is simply a voluntary way to support our work should you wish to do so.

Why do we need your support?

TouringCarTimes is very much an enthusiast project and everyone involved with the website contributes alongside their regular ‘day job’ in various fields.

The income that TouringCarTimes generates goes towards travel support so that we can attend events in person, and also on the ongoing maintenance of the site.

The setup means that we do not have anyone working full time, and have limited time to try and find advertisement and commercial deals that allow us to continue operating at the high level for which we are known.

Becoming a patron of TouringCarTimes would enable us to put greater focus on bringing quality news, features, race reports and more to our loyal readers.

We write about the sport that we love, and we would be delighted if you can help us bring touring car news to everyone that share our passion.

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