Photo: TCR Australia

Bailey Sweeney disqualified from Race 3 due to over-boost

HMO Hyundai driver Bailey Sweeney has been disqualified from the third and final joint TCR World Tour and TCR Australia race at Bathurst due to over-boost.

Sweeney finished the race in eighth position overall and second in the TCR Australia classification, but still lost the title to team-mate Josh Buchan.

The disqualification drops him from second to third in the final TCR Australia standings, elevating Tony D’Alberto to second place overall.

The stewards’ decision read:

“The technical data disclosed that during Race 3, Car 130 had an over turbo boost of more than 30 millibars and for more than 10 seconds. The Stewards accepted that the team had cooperated during the meeting with the technical staff to solve the over turbo boost issue with the car, including greatly reducing the boost beyond what was expected to be required. There was no intention by the competitor to breach the requirements.”