Photo: PSP Images

Weather plays a major role in Dunlop tyre selections

The prospect of rain later in the day has played a major part in the Dunlop tyre selections for the latest rounds of the BTCC season.

Showers are expected to arrive later in the day, which has resulted in the majority of the field electing to run the Hard tyre at the last available opportunity.

In fact, 21 of the drivers on the grid will not run the tyre until race three, with the possibility that wet weather could prevent them from needing to run the tyre at all.

AmD’s Rory Butcher is amongst those to have decided the run the tyre in race one, where he will start near the back of the field of his accident in qualifying.

Race 1:
Sam Osborne, Rory Butcher, Mark Blundell, Bobby Thompson, Jake Hill, Rob Smith, Tom Ingram

Race 2:
Nicolas Hamilton, Sam Tordoff

Race 3:
Colin Turkington, Tom Chilton, Rob Collard, Jason Plato, Stephen Jelley, Tom Oliphant, Aiden Moffat, Senna Proctor, Chris Smiley, Matt Neal, Dan Cammish, Jack Goff, Dan Rowbottom, Adam Morgan, Carl Boardley, Ollie Jackson, Josh Cook, Andrew Jordan, Ash Sutton, Matt Simpson, Michael Crees