Photo: MG-C Pergamino

Leonel Pernía’s car received two gunshots during Viedma finale

Newly crowned Turismo Nacional Argentina Class 3 champion Leonel Pernía has confirmed that his race car was hit with two gunshots during the Viedma season finale.

The Argentinian driver was unharmed and unaware of the incident after the race, calling to a press conference after the MG-C Pergamino team had established the damage to his Ford Focus:

“I called this conference due to the facts that are publicly known and reported by the Turismo Nacional organisation,” said Pernía to

“The mechanics found what seemed a bullet shot, so the team filed a report as soon as the team arrived in Pergamino and it was confirmed by an expert that there was not only one shot, but there were two, of which one still has the bullet embedded somewhere of the radiator. But hey, I don’t want to delve into details because it would be reckless on my part.”

The Asociación Pilotos Autos de Turismo (APAT) has confirmed that it will fully cooperate with the local authorities regarding the investigation of the incident.

“I went to fight for a championship in a car race and ended up with two gunshots, I have never experienced anything like,” said Pernía to

“What happened chills the blood and has nothing to do with a gun, a bullet or a shot. It must be eradicated and the person responsible must be found and acted upon. In motorsports we have to be united so that the truth is known and understand that you lose and win like in any sport.”