Photo: Teambild/Micke Fransson

Experion Racing Team will be on 2019 grid with Albin Wärnelöv

Experion Racing Team will contest the 2019 TCR Scandinavia series season with Albin Wärnelöv behind the wheel, just as in the 2018 STCC season.

“Things are a bit uncertain, but we are going for it. We will be on the grid with one car for me as driver, although it might not be for all races,” said Wärnelöf to TT.

Wärnelöf will drive the same Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR that he finished 20th with in last year’s STCC season.

Experion Racing Team’s entry makes it seven cars currently confrimed for the 2019 TCR Scandinavia series season alongside the three Cupras of PWR Racing and the three Audis of Brink Motorsport.