Photo: STCC/Anders Helgesson

Robert Dahlgren’s Skellefteå exclusion reinstated as PWR drops appeal

The lengthy legal process surrounding the results of the first STCC TCR Scandinavia race at Skellefteå in June this year has finally reached an end as PWR Racing has dropped its appeal, meaning that Robert Dahlgren’s exclusion will stand.

The first Skellefteå race has had three different results, first with Hugo Nerman as winner, then Dahlgren and finally Andreas Bäckman.

Brink Motorsport driver Nerman crossed the line first, but was penalised for a jump start penalty, dropping him to fifth.

This handed the win to Cupra driver Dahlgren, who then was excluded for failing a post-race ride height check, handing the win to Lestrup Racing Team driver Söderström.

But PWR Racing appealed the decision and got the win reinstated provisionally by the Legal Committee of the Swedish Motorsport Federation due to an incomplete investigation of the matter, returning the matter to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee later reached the same conclusion, having redone the investigation, thus reinstating the exclusion and handing the win back to Bäckman.

PWR Racing has then chosen not to pursue any further appeals on the matter.

The changed result does not affect the standings of either championships.