Robert Dahlgren provisionally reinstated into Skellefteå results

Robert Dahlgren has moved a step closer to securing the STCC TCR Scandinavia title without a wheel being turned at Mantorp Park this weekend after being reinstated into the result of the opening race at Skellefteå – for now at least.

The PWR Racing driver had crossed the line ahead of Andreas Bäckman to win the first race of the event back in June – thanks to a time penalty for on-the-road leader Hugo Nerman – only for his Cupra to then fail the ride height test after the race.

When Nerman was reinstated into the result of the race, Dahlgren dropped back to second place, which he was initially able to keep after the team argued that the failure was due to a damaged splitter.

However, Bäckman’s Lestrup Racing Team lodged a protest against the decision, which resulted in Dahlgren being excluded from the result following an investigation last month – with Nerman again being stripped of his win at the same time when his time penalty was reinstated.

That was set to give the race win to Bäckman, but an investigation from the Swedish Motorsport Federation (SBF) has now declared that Dahlgren is to be declared as victor after overturning the decision to exclude him from the result.

The decision from the SBF’s Legal Committee came after an appeal from PWR Racing, with the argument being made that Dahlgren had been unable to fully argue his case.

However, the initial investigation will now be carried out again at Mantorp Park this weekend, which could result in the result being amended for what would be a fourth time.

“The Legal Committee (JN) removes the Disciplinary Committee’s (DN) decision, case 2022-06, and refers the case back to the DN for renewed examination,” a statement read.

“Until a new decision is made, Robert Dahlgren (RD) is reinstated in the results list with the number of points that his placement in Race 1 in Skellefteå causes. The fee for the appeal must be refunded.

“RD has appealed to JN through a representative and is demanding to be re-placed in the results list because the handling of the case at DN has not followed the rules and that he, as affected by the decision, has not been allowed to comment or have access to documents.

“JN has obtained the documents from DN including, among other things, the communication that took place. In addition, JN has read the appeal letter from RD. The investigation shows that RD was not given the opportunity to comment on the matter.”

Should the result stand with Dahlgren as winner, he will take an extended 47 point lead into the weekend with 65 points available, with PWR Racing’s advantage over Lestrup Racing being the same margin.