Andreas Wernersson unhappy with the pace of the PWR cars

Andreas Wernersson has said “something needs to happen” after Robert Dahlgren dominated the proceedings at Anderstorp, despite the Cupra TCR carrying the maximum compensation weight during the championships’s second round.

Wernersson was the closest challenger to Dahlgren in qualifying, ultimately over three-tenths away from Dahlgren’s best lap time.

The Cupras, along with the new entry Hyundai, were carrying 60kg of compensation weight for the weekend, while the Audis were on 40kg and the others on 30kg – while Wernersson also carried an additional 20kg of success ballast, neutralising the compensation weight effect.

“It’s pretty hard to overtake someone when you’re in a heavy car like the Audi is now, and carrying 20kg for the championship ballast,” said Wernersson to TouringCarTimes.

“Hopefully they will do something with the BoP. Here at Anderstorp, the same driver (Dahlgren) has been the fastest all weekend, and it’s not so good when only one car is flying away. Something needs to happen I think, otherwise we can’t beat them.

“They may have full compensation weight, but they are also so fast and we can’t get that. My Q2 lap was maybe the best lap I have ever driven. I really pushed all the way, and I was still two-tenths away – I could never do that lap again, and the car felt amazing.”