Photo: Lestrup Racing Team/Martin Öberg

Lestrup Racing Team launch young driver programme to find new STCC drivers

Lestrup Racing Team has launched a “Young Driver Programme” in search of new drivers to its STCC TCR Scandinavia programme.

“Today there is no natural ladder for the juniors and we want to fill that gap, something I would have really needed at the start of my career,” said team co-owner Fredrik Lestrup.

“This is a long-term programme spanning over several years that we are keen to evolve and expand.”

Three drivers will be selected for the first year where the candidates will get to work with the team’s current STCC drivers Rob Huff and Oliver Söderström.

“We are going to provide the junior drivers the conditions to evaluate and improve themselves as drivers,” said Lestrup.

“They are going to drive our advanced simulator, learn data logging and other tools that are decisive for a successful career. They are also going to compare their performance with the established drivers of the team, including former world champion Rob Huff and the STCC race winner Oliver Söderström.”

The team is in the final stages of selecting drivers and a first test will be held at Gelleråsen Arena next week.