Photo: STCC/Anders Helgesson

STCC introduces BTCC inspired weight, points system

The STCC TCR Scandinavia organisation has introduced changes to the compensation weight system and points scale with inspiration from the BTCC.

“The changes are part of our continuous work to improve the STCC and we take inspiration from the BTCC that has used the system successfully,” said Micke Bern, managing director of STCC AB.

“When the STCC was founded in 1996, a lot of inspiration was taken from the BTCC and now we will close that circle by moving the championship forward with a system that we know work really well there today.”

Points scale

Weight scale
1st 70kg
2nd 60kg
3rd 50kg
4th 40kg
5th 35kg
6th 30kg
7th 25kg
8th 20kg
9th 15kg
10th 10kg

The weights will, just as in the BTCC, be adjusted between heats during the race weekends and replace the current TCR compensation weight system, while the TCR Balance of Performance weight system will remain.

The weights for qualifying and the first race of each weekend will be set based on the championship standings.

The weights for the second and third heats will be based on the results of the first and second heats respectively.

“The purpose of the changes is to make the championship more spectacular and even, at the same time improving the experience for the spectators,” said Bern.

“The 2020 season was really close in the top and it is going to be even tougher in 2021.”