Dániel Nagy: “Tomorrow I will try to win the race”

Cupra X Zengo Motorsport driver Dániel Nagy achieved his best qualifying position of the PURE ETCR season at Pau Arnos, taking his Cupra e-Racer to second place for the Super Final A grid.

The Hungarian will give everything to get the best possible result for his team

“Honestly, I always enjoy driving with the 500 kW and all my qualifyings since the beginning of the season have been very good, but I have made mistakes, or overheated the engine, so there was always a problem that should have never been there,” Nagy explained to TouringCarTimes. “But not today.

“My lap was nearly perfect, I made one mistake that perhaps cost us the chance for pole position but, in the end, I was really happy, because I felt that things are coming together,” added the Hungarian.

“I need to mention that I’m the only driver that never had the chance to test the car out of the race weekend, so it’s a really big disadvantage on my side, because we have very few chrono laps to prepare for the races during the weekends.”

Nagy hopes he can do a good race to help both his team and team-mate secure the victory in both championships: “We have a good car and I hope that tomorrow I can help Cupra to score points to secure the teams’ title and, hopefully Mattias will secure the drivers’ title.”

Pau Arnos is an old school type of track, different to others the ETCR has visited in its inception season and Nagy is enjoying driving there.

“The track is really challenging, from the inside it’s pure joy,” explained the Zengo Motorsport driver. “I was here a couple of weeks ago to have a look and I knew I would really like it but, racing against other drivers might be another things.

“The time trial is one thing, but the track is super narrow and there are points where you cannot see the apex of the corner, so following another car, attacking or defending is super mega difficult and we already felt that during the battles today and yesterday.”

“Tomorrow there will be six cars on the circuit which are super heavy, very powerful and with grooved tyres, so one little mistake can cause a big disaster,” added Nagy. “I will try to attack Farfus and win the race, as we are also against Hyundai, but I won’t do anything crazy.”