Push-to-pass function and new rear wing confirmed for 2019 DTM

A push-to-pass function and a new rear wing has been confirmed for the 2019 DTM season by the organisers, among other changes to further improve racing.

The push-to-pass function will provide drivers with an additional 30hp by injecting more fuel into the engine, with 12 opportunities available in each race.

The new rear wing will be wider and have just one element compared to two elements previously. The wing is the key element in the drag reduction system (DRS) that can be activated by drivers when they are within three seconds of the car ahead, an increase of one second compared to last year.

The weight for the new turbo-charged cars is different compared to last year’s naturally aspirated cars, with the minimum weight now being below 1000kg to 981kg compared to 1031kg in 2018.

The new weight and power level of around 620hp brings the power to weight ratio to 1.6kg per horsepower, a figure that should enable the cars to break the 300 km/h barrier at some circuits.

“These additions are the perfect ingredients for spectacular overtaking – and that makes for thrilling racing,” said Achim Kostron, Managing Director of DTM’s umbrella organisation ITR GmbH.

“Thanks to the significantly reduced performance weight and the new aero package, the skill and courage of the drivers will really be placed under the spotlight: out on the racetrack.”