Photo: Aston Martin

New joint venture created to develop Aston Martin DTM cars

Vynamic GmbH, a joint venture company set up by AF Racing and HWA, is to take on the role of developing and building the new Aston Martin Vantage cars that will compete in the DTM this season.

The company, based in Affalterbach, will benefit from the expertise of both partners in developing the new cars, with a statement released revealing that the decision to launch Vynamic was to “establish a strategic innovation partnership for development projects in motor racing and in the automotive sector.”

Vynamic GmbH will be responsible for the development and construction of racing cars, including those destined for the DTM with R Motorsport, as well as small-scale production road-legal vehicles.

“With the founding of Vynamic GmbH, we have taken another important step in the development of our group of companies,” Dr Florian Kamelger, partner in AF Racing AG, team principal at R Motorsport and managing director of Vynamic GmbH said. “In doing so, we want to ensure that we achieve our primary goal of firmly establishing ourselves in top-class international motor racing by the shortest, fastest route.

“We also think it extremely important that through success on the track, we demonstrate our ability to be competitive and innovate where the development and construction of limited-edition vehicles in the automotive sector are concerned.”

Ulrich Fritz, CEO of HWA AG said bringing the expertise of his company together with AF Racing in a new venture made perfect sense.

“The market environment, in which HWA AG operates – international motorsport in particular – is currently experiencing rapid development,” he said. “Combining the many years of experience that HWA AG has gained in international motor racing with AF Racing AG’s expertise in the marketing of exclusive vehicles has enormous potential which we intend to tap into by setting up our joint company, Vynamic GmbH.”