Mattias Andersson plans to continue running his Honda Civic this season

Mattias Andersson and his team Honda Team Sweden plans to continue running the Honda Civic Type R FK2 they have run for the past two STCC seasons in the 2019 TCR Scandinavia series season.

“We haven’t made it public yet, but that is the plan,” said Andersson to

The Honda driver says the bankruptcy of STCC AB has made things worse for the team in the preparations for 2019.

“With everything that has happened around the bankruptcy of STCC it has been tougher than normal to get everything together financially,” said Andersson.

“STCC is a strong brand and it is sad that things have turned out this way. We have understood that the economy has been in a bad state, but not that it was this bad. I can’t really understand how they can get such a poor balancing of the books.”

The STCC veteran says he expects the grid to drop by around five cars compared to last year but still expects a tough fight.

“We had around 18-20 cars last year, I can imagine it being around 13-15 this year. As long as there are more than two cars racing, it will be tough to win,” said Andersson.