Photo: BMW Motorsport

BMW confirm six works cars for 2020 with possibility for customer teams

BMW Motorsport will field six cars next DTM season, with the possibility of adding more cars, should they find a suitable customer team.

“I can say we will have six works cars next year,” BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt told TouringCarTimes.

“We still have to find the correct team and driver balance, and we will review everything deeply during the off season.”

The Bavarian manufacturer had a tough 2019 season, finishing well behind Audi in the drivers’ and teams’ championship.

For 2020, BMW are still evaluating the possibility to add customer cars, as Audi did ahead of the 2019 season with WRT, but in a different way regarding financial setup.

“We are in discussions to find a customer team, but we are clear that the team has to be able to manage the cars and be financially independent,” said Marquard. “We will provide the cars and the support, but we won’t do like them (Audi/WRT), our budget is limited and our customer team must be able to raise the financial resources by themselves.”

Audi’s head of motorsport Dieter Gass has confirmed they will not expand their customer programme beyond WRT: “I think WRT have performed very well and done a very good job. We are very happy with them, they obviously were the right choice, but no, we won’t be looking to add another team for next year.”