Photo: BMW Motorsport

BMW pleased with move to GT regulations for DTM

BMW Motorsport director Jens Marquardt has given the thumbs up to ITR chairman Gerhard Berger’s plans to introduce GT Pro regulations for the DTM in 2021.

“We are very pleased that, thanks to the hard work and the intensive, constructive discussions of all those involved in the past few weeks, a way has now been found for a realignment,” said Marquardt in a statement.

It has been confirmed that BMW will follow Audi and exit ITR, which will be closed down in favour of the new company BMS, owned and run by Berger.

“We have agreed on a solution that will enable Gerhard Berger to continue working independently on the implementation of his concept of an additional GT racing series for customer racing on the basis that has now been agreed,” said Marquardt.

“This sets the course for a new, supplementary platform that can also be of interest to our customer and private teams. It was very important to all of us to find such a solution, and we have now been able to take an important step forward in this process.”

Berger stated that the new concept has both Audi’s and BMW’s full support, although there are still question marks about how the Bavarian manufacturer will continue to be involved.

BMW’s current GT3 car is the M6 GT3 and its road car equivalent stopped production in 2018. The new BMW M4 GT3 won’t be available until 2022.

“The current GT3 regulations took a lot of work between the parts and from the FIA, so we are set for a September homologation and we won’t be looking into changing that,” said Marquardt when asked whether BMW was prepared to bring forward the M4 GT3’s homologation for next year’s DTM.