Photo: STCC/Anders Helgesson

Robert Dahlgren on maximum weight for Skellefteå

Championship leader Robert Dahlgren will carry maximum success ballast for the first STCC TCR Scandinavia race at Skellefteå Drivecenter Arena this weekend.

The Cupra driver will carry 50kg onboard his Cupra León Competición, five kilos more than main title rivals Oliver Söderström of Lestrup Racing Team and Tobias Brink of Brink Motorsport.

Lynk & Co 03 TCR driver Mattias Andersson will carry 35kg, five more than Dahlgren’s team-mate Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky.

Two drivers will carry 25kg in the form of Hugo Nerman (Kågered Racing) and Mikael Karlsson (Lestrup Racing Team). Nerman’s team-mate Andreas Ahlberg will carry 15kg.

Privateers Isac Aronsson and Rasmus Hedberg will carry 10kg and 5kg respectively.

The remaining drivers will carry no success ballast.

The STCC weight regulations were changed for 2021, including a change of weights between the races. A bulletin was issued before the first race of 2021, reducing the maximum weight from 70kg to 50kg.

Skellefteå success ballast
50kg – Robert Dahlgren
45kg – Tobias Brink, Oliver Söderström
35kg – Mattias Andersson
30kg – Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky
25kg – Hugo Nerman, Mikael Karlsson
15kg – Andreas Ahlberg
10kg – Isac Aronsson
5kg – Rasmus Hedberg