Peugeot 407 ready

Danish Peugeot Sport Engineering will run factory-developed Peugeot 407´s in the WTCC this year. The first 407 is in the works right now. The team has confirmed one car for this year but is hoping to be able to bring a second car.

“We are developing the engine and gearbox and Peugeot Sport in France has been responsible for the rollcage, the suspension and the aerodynamic package as well as homologating the car,” said team boss Joren Agergard to Autosport.

Introducing this model is believed to be the first step from Peugeot to a full works entry in 2006 after them leaving the WRc. Jens Edman is believed to be the driver behind the wheel of the first new 407 along side his Peugeot seat in the Danish Touring Car Championship.