Photo: STCC Media

Volvo joins Anderstorp round

Volvo Polestar Racing will join the World Touring Car Championship race in Sweden, Anderstorp. They will be the first ever to run on Bio-Ethanol in the WTCC.
“We got the idea after WTCC declared their green agenda. Since the environment is one of Volvo’s core values it suited us perfectly when WTCC gave bio-ethanol green light,” said Volvo Motorsport Boss Derek Crabb.

Only one of the Volvo’s will be on the grid – Robert Dahlgren, joining fellow Swedes Rickard Rydell (Chevrolet), Fredrik Ekblom (RBM BMW), Nicklas Karlsson (Chevrolet) and Carl Rosenblad (Elgh Motorsport BMW) on the grid.

The Volvo-team will have many new things to adapt to in the WTCC race such as standing start and Yokohama-tyres.

“Our main reason for our presence at Anderstorp is to show that we support the move to bio-ethanol. Therefore, we have asked not to race for points at Anderstorp,” said Crabb.