Photo: WTCC Media

The WTCC changes success ballast system

The World Touring Car Championship organizers have changed the success ballast system for the coming season. The new system has been approved by the FIA World Motorsport Council after a proposal from the Touring Car Commission. The success ballast will be based on two criterias: championship points and race results.

The success ballast will be distributed according to the sum of points obtained in the two races of each event, according to the following scale:

1st +30 kg
2nd +25 kg
3rd +20 kg
4th +15 kg
5th +10 kg
6th +5 kg

Ballast will also be distributed according to the championship points. 1 kilo will be added for each championship point scored. After each event the ballast will be scrapped and recalculated.

The maximum ballast can now be 70 kg compared to the maximum of 60 kg this year.

Drivers that enter a race in the middle of the season will get 30 kilos extra ballast in his or hers first appearance.