Photo: Chris Schotanus, Essay Produkt

DTCC returns to Zandvoort!

This year the circuit of Zandvoort has existed for 60 years. Today the track direction announced that the cars of Dutch Touring Car Championship will return to the Dutch track. It’s a one time appearance under the name Dutch Touring Car Cup. Only cars that participated in the original DTCC, that ran from 1996 untill 2002, are elligable to enter the race.

During the late nineties the Dutch Touring Car Championship was considered the most important autosport championship in the Netherlands. The series produced stars that later would be very succesfull internationally, like Tom Coronel, Duncan Huisman, Sandor van Es and Cor Euser.

The Dutch Touring Car Cup will consist out of two races, that will be held in the weekend of 6 and 7 september. In this weekend the Wijzonol Trophy will be held at Zandvoort.

Cars like the BMW 320i, the Renault Mégane, Opel Astra, Honda Integra-R, Mitsubishi Carisma and Volkswagen Golf GTI are on the provisional entrylist.

The first of the race will have a rolling start and will count 10 laps. Just as in WTCC the result of this race will be the grid for the second race, with the top eight reversed. The driver who has scored the most points after two races will win the Dutch Touring Car Cup 2008.

TouringCarTimes will soon bring more details to you about the sportive and technical regulations and names of the drivers! Stay tuned!