Photo: Super TC2000

Super TC2000 announces mid-week Buenos Aires event

The Super TC2000 championship has announced that it will run a mid-week event in Buenos Aires next week.

The event will run on 9-10 June and comes after the planned meeting in Paraná this weekend was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Argentina is still going through a severe second wave of coronavirus, which has led to over 30,000 new infections per day for the last two weeks, despite the country pushing ahead with its vaccine campaign.

The government ordered full isolation for the last nine days of May, and has restricted lots of activities, even delaying the last games of the local football league and refusing to hold the Copa América tournament – which was set to kick off entirely in Argentina in less than two weeks.

Super TC2000 has decided to join up with the Top Race championship to organise a joint event which will see STC2000 racing on 9-10 June, with Top Race then in action on 10-11 June.

The rest of the Super TC2000 calendar remains unchanged.