Photo: FIA media

Rydell wins first race in Mexico

Rickard Rydell has won the first race at Puebla. The Swedish SEAT driver took the lead during the first lap, as both BMW that started from the front row had problems getting away cleanly. Towards the end of the race the SEAT’s started to struggle with their tires, but a good defense from Rydell meant he could take his first victory of the season.

As the lights went green at the start Augusto Farfus gets tapped from behind by Gabriele Tarquini. Both drivers lose momentum, but Farfus still manages to get into the first corner leading. Rydell however takes over second place from Priaulx.

Halfway through the first lap Rydell gets into the lead by passing Farfus, and at the same moment Andy Priaulx gets overtaken by Gabriele Tarquini.

A little further down the field there’s a collision between Kristian Poulsen, who had to start from the back of the grid, and Viktor Shapalov. The Russian driver has to return to the grid.

On lap two there a tough fight between Nicola Larini, who had a good start, and Jordi Gené. The SEAT driver takes over ninth position from Larini.

On the third lap Tiago Monteiro and Jörg Müller make contact during a hard battle, both go off, as Yvan Muller seizes the opportunity to take over fourth position from Priaulx. He doesn’t manage to hold on to this for very long, as Priaulx retakes the position two laps later.

Lap 6 sees Jörg Müller fight back after his off, as he overtakes Jordi Gené. The German is on a strong run back to the front of the field.

Four laps after taking back fourth from Muller Andy Priaulx has caught up with Tarquini again and launches a move on the inside of the Italian, who misses his clipping point. The pair make contact, and Tarquini looses two positions to Priaulx and Muller.

On lap 13 Tarquini looses another place to Jörg Müller, but in the final three laps of the race the German can’t get more advantage out of his speed, and has to settle for fifth place at the finish.

On the last lap Priaulx has caught up with Farfus, and tries to overtake his team mate, but fails to do so. The fight does mean however that Rydell can easily continue his way to the win.