Photo: WTCC Media

Race in the USA confirmed for 2011

World Touring Car Championship promotor Marcello Lotti has confirmed that a race will be held in the United States of America in 2011.
“I can confirm that the US will be on the 2011 calendar,” said Lotti to Motorsport Total.

The final destination of the race has not been set yet, but it will be either Laguna Seca or Miami.

“Basically we think that Miami would be cheaper for logistical reasons. In this case we could head from Mexico by land travel to Miami and then return to Europe by sea again,” said Lotti.

At first Phoenix was in the discussions for the location, but Lotti has confirmed that Phoenix is not an option any more.

Russia is also up for a race in 2011 after pressure from Lada.

“The Russian Automotive Association entered into negotiations with the FIA and has proposed two potential host cities,” said Lotti.

Just as for the American venue, the discussion is on for which place to choose for the Russian race. A city race in Moscow or at the track Togliatti, close to the Lada factory, has been reported so far.