Photo: WTCC Media

New weights and eligible cars set for 2011

The weights and eligible cars for the FIA World Touring Car Championship 2011 has been set. All S2000 specification cars will be allowed to take part in the championship next year, including the new 1.6 liter turbo engine, the old 2.0 liter normally aspirated engines, as well as the turbo charged 2.0 liter diesel engines.

The cars with the new 1.6 liter turbo will have a base weight of 1150 kilos with FWD and 1170 kilos with RWD.

The FWD cars with the normally aspirated 2.0 liter engines will have the same weight as the new turbo engines, 1150 kilos. The RWD cars with the old engines though will only be five kilos heavier at 1155 kilos.

The cars with turbo diesel engines will have 1170 kilos as base weight.

The season start will see all cars on maximum compensation weight, meaning 40 kilos added to the base weights mentioned above.