Photo: Renault Lo Jack Team

Renault preparing for new season with new team

The Renault Lo Jack team recently presented its driver line-up for the 2012 TC 2000 season, with Leonel Pernía and Mariano Altuna joining Guillermo Ortelli, but with the cars now run by the team which has run the leading Honda team.

Pernía and Altuna effectively stay at the same team, but will be driving a different car for the 2012 Super TC 2000 with the Renault Fluence. The car, as will the rest of the field, will be powered by a 400bhp V8 engine by British-based engine builders Radical Performance.

“It’s a different stage after 15 years of being with another brand,” said Team Principal Victor Rosso. “We will be back with a brand that has won more championships in the category.”

Guillermo Ortelli, who stays with Renault but joins the all new yeam is looking forward to the start of the season.

“We will be strong, hopefully we can get results,” he said. “From the first race we will be all trying to understand the engine to see how we can make it better. Obviously my personal goal is the Championship.”

Leonel Pernía, who has come close to winning the title for the last two seasons is relishing the opportunity with Renault.

“I have the joy of continuing the same work group and now representing Renault,” said Pernía. “The goal is fighting to keep winning races and championships.”

The team will be running four Renault Fluences in this year’s Super TC 2000 Championship, with the fourth driver yet to be announced.