Photo: WTCC Media

Argentina could replace Brazil on the calendar this year

The WTCC could finally make its first appearance on Argentinean soil this year. Plans are being put in place in case the round scheduled for July 28th at Curitiba is dropped from the calendar.

At the last meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council, Curitiba’s confirmed place on the calendar was once again put in doubt with it being replaced with “TBA” with a new TBA slot also added, which is now understood to be a placeholder date for an event to take place in neighbouring Argentina.

At the moment, the change is not confirmed and negotiations are continuing.

“It’s not decided yet,” said WTCC Series Promoter Marcello Lotti to TouringCarTimes. “For sure we have some problems to resolve for Brazil, and to avoid losing an event we are working on an event to replace this with Argentina on the 4th of August.”

Whether the WTCC goes to Brazil or Argentina this year, the plan is to visit both countries in 2014.

“The plan for 2014 is to have both events, as it’s the best for us in terms of marketing and logistics, to keep both events close together…you can consider Cordoba, you can consider Santiago, you can consider all these kinds of circuits, as they are not farther than 1,300km from a Brazilian circuit, so the logistics is possible to keep both events and that’s what we want for the future.”