Photo: TouringCarTimes

Tom Coronel says more time is needed with the new Chevrolet

Tom Coronel completed a shakedown run with his repaired Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 in the 30 minute test session at the Hungaroring, but the Dutch driver feels he needs more time to get used to the very different car to his previous ride, the BMW 320 TC.

The car was repaired by ROAL Motorsport just ahead of the test session, despite fears the car would not be repaired until the qualifying session on Saturday, which will allow Coronel to take part in every practice session this weekend.

“The shakedown was shaky. At the beginning we had some difficulties, and I was in the pits for a while, and I’m not sure we’ve solved it. I’m happy at least that we drove today and not tomorrow,” said Coronel to TouringCarTimes.

“I was also on old tyres and everyone was on new tyres. I was on tyres that had done 60km and my team-mate (Tom Chilton) was on tyres that had done 50km. So there are possibilities (to move forward), but still I’m not confident, but I expected that.

“With the BMW, at every race I arrived and it fit me like a glove, whereas it’s not the same with this car, but I just need more mileage. I think it’s 40% me and 60% the car, we just need to do more miles with the car to just understand the car better. I think if we could go testing for a few days, we could improve things. (Gianni) Morbidelli did 800 laps before the season, (Hugo) Valente did 800 laps, (Dusan) Borkovic did 800 laps, my team-mate did 800 laps, so everybody did 800 laps except me, I did 70, and I had to pit every lap with overheating problems.”