Chevrolet heavier for Macau season finale

The compensation weights for the Macau finale have been released today. The only change compared to the weights we have seen at Suzuka will be the Chevrolet RML Cruzes, as they will be a further ten kilos heavier than in Japan.

As a result, the Citroën C-Elysée remains the reference model and is therefore on maximum ballast, with +60 kilos added to the original base weight of 1100. The Chevrolets will be 20 kilos lighter, meaning they will carry 40 kilos of ballast.

Despite their recent success in Japan, Honda remain on +30 for the season finale, whereas the Lada Granta will face its final outing in the World Touring Car Championship ballast-free.

The calculations have been done over the course of the last three events (Beijing, Shanghai and Suzuka). The season finale in Macau will take place in two weeks, with the races scheduled for November, 16th.

Compensation weight – Macau:

+ 60 kg : Citroën C-Elysée
+ 40 kg : Chevrolet RML Cruze
+ 30 kg : Honda Civic
± 0 kg : LADA Granta