Rob Huff celebrates record-breaking ninth Macau win

Rob Huff did not only take his first win of the year in his Münnich Motorsport, but he also improved his record of nine Guia Race wins, thus becoming the most winning driver outright in Macau.

“I really have to thank my Münnich Motorsport team,” said the Brit. “At midnight last night we weren’t going to be racing today, but the boys did just the most amazing job to fix the car.”

Huff is almost shocked after clinching his ninth win at the iconic Circuito da Guia, beating the all-time record.

“I’m a bit blown away myself for the nine wins. To be the most winning driver is something special. It’s something that you never look forward to, you never set yourself the goal of winning a certain amount in your career, but this place and I are so tied together and it just keeps coming. I don’t know what it is with this place, it just seems to work, we seem to get very lucky here, maybe it’s because I stay out of the casinos and keep my luck on track. We’re going to have a big party to celebrate in Macau tonight.”

The fact that his C-Elysée has been worked on almost the entire night and at one stage Huff thought it could not be fixed makes it even more thrilling for the Brit.

“It’s the most emotional Macau ever for me. The boys have worked on the car, starting by repairing the bodywork, the damaged engine parts and then they started the engine, which had taken two big hits. I got two video messages at four ‘o clock this morning waking me up to tell me that the car was good and after that I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited. Then I opened the window, saw it was pouring with rain and I wanted to go back to sleep!”

The first two laps, behind the saftey car, were even more difficult than the race according to Huff, as the tyres and the brakes were still too cold to make the car manageable.

“The first two laps behind the safety car were almost impossible. I’m not joking. (Safety car driver) Bruno (Correia) can drive that quick, but until the tyres and brakes start to warm up it’s really hard for us. I just didn’t know what the limit was and I was first into every corner, so I knew the others could look at me and kind of learn. I know Norbi wasn’t looking at passing me, he was kind to me but at the same time I had it covered, and I knew I was quickest at the top of the hill. I just managed to get that stretch that allowed me to be safe at Lisboa under braking.”