Münnich’s request to reinvestigate rivals data from Slovakia rejected

The Münnich Motorsport team have had a request to review the data of their rivals to confirm the conformity of their cars to the TCR technical regulations turned down by the FIA, due to a lack of new evidence warranting such an investigation.

In the wake of having won their appeal against their exclusion from the race ,when the cars were deemed initially to be in breach of the newly posted boost limits set by the FIA, which were later confirmed by the FIA International Court of Appeal to be invalid, the German squad then filed a request for further analysis under the ‘right to review’ clause to recheck all the team’s data.

“After we won our appeal, we felt there were still some question marks over the Slovakia event, as if we were running to the proper rules, it looked like maybe some others were not,” said team manager Dominik Greiner to TouringCarTimes.

“There’s a paragraph in the FIA regulations which they call the right of review (Article 14 of the FIA International Sporting Code), which was the only tool we could use.

“At Ningbo, within 14 days of us winning our appeal, I asked the officials to double check the technical configurations from the Slovakiaring as they have all the data. We had a discussion at Wuhan and here at Suzuka, but they’ve closed the matter as they consider there’s no new material elements.

“We considered the fact we won the appeal as a new and significant element. The appeal just confirmed that our car was legal and the case was closed, but we felt we had the right to ask the technical delegates to check all the other cars for over-revs, or overboosts etc. and the stewards can only make that call to the technical guys if they feel there are new, significant, elements.”

The stewards at the Japan round reviewed Münnich Motorsport’s request, and rejected the appeal on the grounds that no new information was available which warranted such an investigation, stating:

“The stewards find that there are no significant or new elements which were not available at the time of the competition and now available and will not review the results of the competition as requested.”