Fiat complete first test with new 4-cylinder turbo engine

Fiat has completed a first test with a new 4-cylinder turbo engine and a reshaped front bodywork that is set for introduction in the 2019 Super TC 2000 championship, replacing the current naturally aspirated V8 engines.

Damián Fineschi drove the new factory-supported Fiat Tipo in a test in Paraná and was pleased with the outcome.

“I had a good feeling at the wheel of the car, we’ll have to get used to less downforce. The teams will work hard to improve and develop these new vehicles from now on,” said Fineschi.

The new front bodywork has been designed to produce less downforce in order to improve overtaking opportunities.

Fiat will be represented on the grid this season after a year of absence with DTA Racing running the programme with three cars for Mariano Werner, Matías Muñoz Marchesi and Fabián Yannantuoni.