Photo: STC2000

Super TC 2000 to introduce qualifying-based success ballast

The Argentinian Super TC 2000 Championship will introduce success ballast in order to close up the field, following the domination of Renault Sport in the first four rounds of the championship.

Team Renault Sport has won three out of four races this year, with Leonel Pernía winning at Córdoba and General Roca, and Facundo Ardusso in Rosario. Toyota driver Matías Rossi is the only driver to have broken the victory streak of the French manufacturer during the Villicum race weekend.

The team managers and brand representatives met at the Super TC 2000 promoter’s office in Buenos Aires on Tuesday to discuss the technical changes that will be introduced from the next round at Entre Ríos in Paraná on June 29-30th. It was unanimously approved to introduce success ballast during the meeting.

The weight system will award the pole-sitter for the feature race with 70kg, the second placed driver 60kg, third placed driver 55kg and the fourth placed driver 50kg.

The decision has however not landed well with some of the drivers:

“From all possible technical changes, this is the one I like the least,” said Renault driver Leonel Pernía to Mundo Sport. “You don’t know how much the top four cars will be affected. I would have added the extra weight for qualifying, and not for the race.”