Single car, full season entries invited for 2020 World Touring Car Cup

Full season entries for the 2020 World Touring Car Cup will re-open later this month after the campaign was delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit only for single car teams.

Registrations for the season had closed back in March although a number of drivers and teams had been unable to formalise plans as coronavirus started to take a hold.

It has now been announced that following a vote by FIA Touring Car Commission members has resulted in the decision to ‘allow registrations from entrants with a single car for the planned six-event schedule’, which will be run solely on European soil.

Existing teams can also submit an additional entry but only for a rookie driver, whilst race-by-race entries that will not be eligible for points will also be considered.

“From the outset we have been very aware of the difficulties COVID-19 has caused existing or prospective WTCR teams,”François Ribeiro, Head of WTCR promotor Eurosport Events, said. “That is why, together with the FIA, we introduced a number of cost-cutting measures to help them.

“These cost savings combined with a Europe-only calendar and our pledge not to reduce the marketing and promotional investment in the series, has led to a number of enquiries from drivers and teams that had not previously considered WTCR.

“However, to be fair to the existing teams, only registrations from single-car entrants can be submitted and these new entrants will not be eligible for the 2020 WTCR − FIA World Touring Car Cup for teams, although drivers will be able to score points and compete for a coveted FIA world title. Furthermore, if existing teams wish to submit an additional entry, they can do so but only for a driver who is eligible for the new Rookie classification.”

Alan Gow, president of the FIA Touring Car Commission, welcomed the news.

“A considerable amount of hard work has gone into strengthening the WTCR and making it more accessible through implementing a number of cost-cutting measures,” he said. “This has led to a demand for registrations and made moving towards the re-opening of entries a sensible course of action.”