Photo: WTCR Media

Goodyear to collect and analyse all tyres from Vallelunga following multiple failures

Several drivers suffered punctures during the FIA World Touring Car Cup races at Vallelunga and Lynk & Co Cyan Racing withdrew its five cars following safety concerns.

Sebastian Trinks, Goodyear’s WTCR Account Manager, revealed to TouringCarTimes the course of action ahead of the coming race at Anneau Du Rhin which takes place in less than two weeks.

“We collected all the tyres and we will go back to our factory in Luxembourg to have it anlysed,” said Trinks to TouringCarTimes.

“We will soon have a result as to what happened and what was the cause. Hopefully we will know the results in time for Alsace.”

When asked why the issues expanded from being mainly isolated to the Lynk & Co cars to Honda, Cupra and Audi, Trinks suggested the characteristics of the track and the scorching Italian heat may have contributed to the problems.

“Like I said, we just need to find out with our analysis,” said Trinks.

“For sure the conditions were not easy, the temperature of the asphalt was more than 50 degrees and the kerbs are not easy on the tyres. There’s a lot of load and a lot of compression on the tyres here, but in any case we need more information.”

Should the analysis not be conclusive or sufficient, Trinks admits Goodyear does currently not have an alternative plan ahead of Anneau Du Rhin.

“We can’t think about anything other than the analysis at this stage,” said Trinks.