Photo: Audi Mediacenter

Audi will not introduce a replacement for the RS 3 LMS in 2020

Audi Sport has confirmed it does not plan to introduce a replacement for the current Audi RS 3 LMS in 2020 when the next generation Audi A3 arrives.

VAG brand colleagues Volkswagen and Cupra are set to introduce new TCR models next year, but Audi Customer Racing director Chris Reinke said this wouldn’t impact on Audi’s decision for next season.

“We are very happy with the success of our Audi RS 3 LMS and we have so many cars out there, so we do not plan to change our platform for now,” he told TouringCarTimes. “At the moment I’m not commenting on other brands’ strategy, all that I can say at the moment is that we will run our RS 3 LMS next year, regardless of what other brands do.

“We have always tried to make use of the group’s platform to the max, even when we had the TT Cup, which was basically run on a TCR platform. But, when it comes to renew our contender, we will try our best to find the best technologies in the group, but which of those technologies will we use will be decided when we take that decision.”

Audi Sport is not planning to join Hyundai and Cupra in the new electric ETCR formula, with its focus on electric motorsport being on Formula E.

“The ETCR is an interesting platform, but to prove our competence in other fields, as it may be the electronic drive, this is why Audi is in Formula E. So, for the moment, I don’t see an interest in why we should run a car in the ETCR,” said Reinke.

The German manufacturer has previously expressed its concern over the manufacturer involvement in the World Touring Car Cup and Reinke confirms that they are not planning to step up their WTCR programme for next year.

“We wouldn’t be interested in a manufacturer operation in WTCR because, for Audi, the works operation runs in the DTM and we race in TCR as customer racing, because this is what we are committed to,” said Reinke.

“I believe that, for the moment, we run a very efficient programme in the WTCR and the TCR in general. So, for the moment, we are very happy where we are and this is the way we’d like to be.”