Audi gain weight while Honda and Lynk & Co drop for Hungary

Three models have had its compensation weight changed for the World Touring Car Cup races at the Hungaroring this weekend, based on the performance from the previous rounds.

The Audi RS 3 LMS cars will gain 20kg of compensation weight for a total of 80kg, this due to the additional 20kg for running an older ECU.

The Honda Civic Type-R cars will drop 20kg, going from 50kg of compensation weight in the previous round at the Slovakiaring to 30kg for the Hungaroring.

The Lynk & Co 03 TCR cars will drop 20kg and 10mm of ride height for this weekend. The Cyan Racing-prepared cars ran 40kg and an increased ride height of 10mm during the previous round as the maximum 60kg of compensation weight would put the cars over the maximum total weight.

The four Lynk & Co 03 TCRs will run with 40kg of compensation weight and a ride height of 80mm this weekend.

The other models will remain at the same compensation weight as in the previous round, meaning 0kg for the Hyundais, Cupras, Renaults and Alfa Romeos.